Freia Aeyoung Shinn Siegel

Pursuing a bachelor degree at TU Berlin

Majors are Business and Electrical Engineering

Berlin, Germany

Baldur Ilyoung Shinn Siegel

Working on his high school diploma

Centennial High School

Pueblo, Colorado, USA

Lodur Taeyoung Shinn Siegel

Attending elementary School

Haaff Elementary

Pueblo, CO, USA

Stefan Günther Siegel

Chief Technology Officer

Atargis Energy Corporation

Pueblo, CO, USA


Meet the Siegel Family

Our children are starting to spread their wings: Freia already left for college in 2017, and Baldur has just two more short years left until he finishes High School as well. Even Lodur will start 5th grade this fall!

As of July 2017, Rina has left the family to pursue her new life goals independently

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