Homepage of the Siegel Family

A truly multicultural family with roots in three great countries

Das Solaräusle

Pueblo, Colorado, USA

Siegel Family German Roots

This is where Stefan grew up, and where his parents live


Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Siegel Family Korean Roots

This is where Rina grew up


South Korea


Meet the Siegel Family

In the true American spirit of immigration, Rina came to the US from South Korea in 1980, while Stefan arrived in 1993 from Germany. We met in Tucson, Arizona in 1994, got married in Germany in 1998 and moved to Pueblo, Colorado in 1997 (Rina) and 1999 (Stefan). Consequently, we are currently raising three tri-lingual children: Freia, Baldur and Lodur. Rina is a general surgeon, while Stefan has a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering.

As of July 2017, Rina has left the family to pursue her own life goals

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